Pool & Wet Area Lighting Projects

The Alan Shearer Centre

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

The Alan Shearer Centre in the North East of England provides specialist recreational, sensory and social facilities to children and adults with acute sensory impairments and disabilities.
The centre recently enhanced its facilities with a new £500,000 hydrotherapy suite and we were delighted to be able to supply and install our fibre optic lighting products in and around the suite’s pool.
Our PMMA fibre and 11D downlight fittings have been combined with the waterfall feature which resides at one end of the pool. The rhythm of the water hitting the skin provides visitors with a great tactile experience while the addition of the colour changing light appeals to the visual senses and aids colour recognition.
Around the perimeter of the pool we installed our PMMA fibre and P3 stainless steel pavers with frosted lenses, while our stainless steel E2 submersible eyeball fittings were fitted in the stair riser’s enabling visitors to make their way in and out of the water safely.
In the ceiling above the pool we created a dramatic colour changing starry nightscape using our PMMA fibre, star lenses and crystal end. The star lenses provide serene points of light whilst our crystal end fittings create eye-catching patterns of light on the surrounding ceiling space.
Our Cube RGBW LED light sources are used to power all of fibre optics and give the light its colour changing effects.


Sensory, Wet Area Lighting



 Products used

Light Sources: 6 x Cube light sources were used throughout the project.
Harnesses: End lit PMMA fibre harnesses of various diameters were used for the crystal ceiling, the star ceiling, the pool stair lighting, the waterfall lighting and the pool perimeter lighting.
End Fittings: Pool Perimeter - 41 x UFO P3 pavers
Pool Stairs - 25 x UFO E2 weta area fittings
Star Ceiling - 336 x polycarbonate star lenses
Crystal Ceiling - 35 x CR1 & 35 x CR2 crystals
Waterfall Lighting - 9 x UFO 11D downlights

 Date completed


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