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Common Ends for Fibre Optic Harnesses

The only UK manufacturer of raw fibre for fibre optic harnesses

The common end is used to bind all the fibre tails together in a single connection, which can then be plugged into a standard 30mm diameter fibre port on a light source.

Available in various diameters, common ends are different for glass and polymer fibre, with those for glass being larger. We also offer 12.5mm and 14mm mini common ends which are particularly useful in display cases where it may not be possible to drill a hole large enough to take a full size 30mm common end.

Adaptors are also available to allow multiple mini common ends to be plugged together into one light source.

We also offer our unique Ezefix range of common ends which allow for end-user termination of fibre optics. See the tab below for more information on these.

30mm Common Ends

Glass Common Ends

Shown below are the largest and smallest sizes of common ends for glass fibre.

common ends for glass fibre harnesses

PMMA Common Ends

Shown below is a typical common end used for PMMA fibre.

common ends for pmma fibre harnesses

Common ends for glass fibre are manufactured from aluminium and anodised black, whereas the type used for PMMA fibre are raw aluminium. The 30mm diameter section provides a snug fit in any standard 30mm light source port.

Mini Common Ends & Adaptors

Mini Common Ends

Mini common ends are useful in situations, for example in museum display cases, where there is either not room, or it is not aesthetically pleasing to have a full size common end cutout.

Availalble in two sizes; 12.5mm and 14mm, mini common ends are generally fitted to light tubes, bars and wands, but can also be used in other situations.

mini common ends

Mini Common End Adaptors

We can provide adaptors which allow mini common ends to be inserted into a standard light source port connector.

Available to take one, two or three 12.5mm, or one or two 14mm mini common ends, they have an outside diameter of 30mm and are fitted with grub screws to secure the mini common ends in place.

common end adaptors

The Ezefix System

The Ezefix termination system makes it quick and simple to terminate polymer optical fibre for lighting applications without the use of specialist equipment.

It consists of a range of port connectors for connection of the fibre to a light source and ferrule connectors to finish end lit fibre and allow attachment of end fittings.

While factory termination is always recommended for PMMA fibre and is necessary for glass fibre, this connector system will give adequate results where maximum light output or evenness are not required.

User Guide

Ezefix Common Ends

Choose the correct part

Use this tool to find the correct part number, based on the fibre type and size.

Choose fibre type, fibre size and the number of tails using the drop down menus. Ths correct part number for your application will then be displayed.

Fibre Type Fibre Size Number of Tails
Configured Part No.:

Part Numbers for Available Gland Sizes
Aperture Size M25 Gland M32 Gland M40 Gland M50 Gland
6.00mm 0600M25 0600M32 - -
8.50mm 0850M25 0850M32 0850M40 -
10.25mm 1025M25 1025M32 1025M40 -
11.75mm 1175M25 1175M32 1175M40 -
13.25mm 1325M25 1325M32 1325M40 1325M50
14.50mm - 1450M32 1450M40 1450M50
15.50mm - 1550M32 1550M40 1550M50
16.50mm - 1650M32 1650M40 1650M50
17.50mm - 1750M32 1750M40 1750M50
18.50mm - 1850M32 1850M40 1850M50

Ezefix Ferrules

Fibre Thread Brass Part No. Stainless Steel Part No.
12 x 0.75mm M8 M8B12 M8S12
25 x 0.75mm M8 M8B25 M8S25
50 x 0.75mm M8 M8B50 M8S50
12 x 0.75mm M10 M10B12 M10S12
25 x 0.75mm M10 M10B25 M10S25
50 x 0.75mm M10 M10B50 M10S50
75 x 0.75mm M10 M10B75 M10S75
88 x 0.75mm M10 M10B88 M10S88

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