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Sensory Lighting Systems

Sparkling fibre optic carpets

manufactured from top quality Vorwerk carpet

Engage and delight with one of our sensory star carpets, which bring sparkling star effects that are accessible to all.

Our star carpets are manufactured from high quality Vorwerk carpet with PMMA optical fibre woven into the pile.

Safe for children and adults alike, these carpets contain no heat or electricity and can be used as a safe, sparkling play mat.

Can be used on top of existing flooring or can be attached to a wall to create a shimmering, colour changing star scene.

Carpets are hard wearing and durable, but are not suitable for heavy traffic areas or in areas where heavy items may be pushed over them.

As well as the carpet sizes detailed below, we can make custom shapes and sizes. Please ask for details.

  • Choice - A choice of sizes to suit most floor areas
  • Function - Just plug into a light source and watch the floor start to sparkle
  • Quality - Fully tested before despatch and made with highest quality Vorwerk carpet

Product Details & Ordering Codes

Carpet size Length of fibre optic tail Ordering code (black) Ordering code (white)
1 metre x 1 metre 1.5 metres from corner of carpet STC1010-B STC1010-W
1 metre x 1.5 metres 1.5 metres from corner of carpet STC1015-B STC1015-W
1.25 metres x 1.25 metres 1.5 metres from corner of carpet STC1212-B STC1212-W
2 metres x 1 metre 1.5 metres from corner of carpet STC2010-B STC2010-W
2 metres x 2 metres 1.5 metres from corner of carpet STC2020-B STC2020-W
3 metre x 3 metre 1.5 metres from corner of carpet STC3030-B STC3030-W

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