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Caravaggio Picture Lighting System


With almost 30 years experience in the illumination of precious artefacts in the worlds most prestigious museums and galleries, UFO are regarded as leaders in the field of fibre optic lighting for conservation purposes.

We have now brought that expertise and combined it with the many benefits of LED technology - and the result is the stunning, functional and controllable Caravaggio LED Picture Lighting System.

The Gallery Picture Light

The brass UFO Gallery Picture Light provides flexible, high quality LED lighting for the UFO Caravaggio lighting system.

The picture light consists of a decorative brass shade assembly with a dual track lighting rail which supports up to eight dimmable Gallery LED twist lock fittings. The dual channel LED driver is integral to the shade and provides miniature manual dimming (0-100%) control for each track. Power wires to the on board driver are concealed within the brass tubular mounting arms. The shade is connected to mounting arms by a rotatable joint allowing the shade to be adjusted through an angle of approximately 90°.

caravaggio gallery image

The UFO Gallery Picture Light is designed to provide display illumination for works of art and is wall mounted so that the picture light arms and wall bracket are concealed behind the painting frame which is normally suspended by brass chains from the Powered Gallery Rail above. When suspended from the rail in this way power to the picture light is via custom made brass colour braided coaxial supply cable which is discretely woven through the suspending chain links.

Alternatively the UFO Gallery Picture Light can be wall mounted without the Powered Gallery Rail and powered from a single gang wall plate fitted behind the wall mounted painting frame.

Power Consumption per Picture LightMax. 20W (inc. 8 LED fittings)
Voltage11 to 15v DC
FunctionalityManual Dimming - 2 Tracks
Colour Temperatures2700K, 3000K or 4000K
Available Shade Lengths500mm, 700mm, 1000mm
Internal Spotlight Lens Options14° / 16° / 20° / 30° / 45° / 54°
Arm Outreach LengthTypically 270mm from mounting surface
Material and Finish (Shade & Arms)hPolished Brass
caravaggio gallery cad image

The Powered Gallery Rail

The Powered Gallery Rail is the heart of the UFO Caravaggio lighting system and consists of a jointed coaxial rail of customised length carrying DC power. The brass rail has all the appearance and functionality of a load bearing picture rail complete with brass wall brackets, finials and picture hanging accessories.

The UFO Powered Gallery Rail however is a power source with multifunctional input and output ports distributed at 250mm intervals along its length. These ports allow either DC power to be supplied discretely to the rail from adjacent wall plates or power to be taken again discretely from the rail to support the wide range of UFO Gallery lighting devices. Power supply flexibility has been designed into the lighting devices to tolerate up to 25% DC cable voltage drop between the PSU location and the rail itself.

caravaggio gallery rail image

The Powered Gallery Rail standard length is 2,000mm. By joining standard lengths together using specially designed electrically conductive joints, the brass Powered Gallery Rail is modular in construction. In addition, overall final rail lengths can be customised to a 10mm tolerance with cut down sections to suit each application.

The rail is secured to the surface using customised rail wall mounts and each rail end is terminated with an insulated brass finial. To provide power to the rail, single gang wall plates fitted with a jack socket are connected to the input/output ports at any point along the rail length. In addition the input/output ports are used to supply power to Gallery Rail light fittings, again from any point along the rail length.

Power to and from the rail is via brass power-in rail connectors and brass jack plugs terminated with custom made brass colour braided coaxial supply cable.

Tube MaterialBrass outer with PTFE insulated centre aluminium conductor
Tube Dimensions25.5mm diameter maximum 2000mm standard section length*
Power Supply Unit15V DC – PSU power output dependant on lighting load
Tube Supply Requirement11 to 15V DC
Maximum Rail LengthLimited only by supply of DC power along the length**
S2/S4 Spotlight Lens Options8.5° / 9.6° / 14° / 25° / 30° / 40°
S2/S4 Spotlight Colour Temps & CRI2700K ( 90 CRI ) 3000K ( 90 CRI ) 4000K( 80 CRI )

* Standard rail sections can be joined together to extend the rail, customised length can also be supplied
** DC power can be supplied at multiple points along the rail to boost the overall length of a single section

caravaggio gallery rail cad image

The S1 Gallery Spotlight

A standalone spotlight which perfectly compliments the picture light system and can be wall mounted to provide an extra cast of light.

s1 spot light


Light source


Colour temperatures & CRI

2700K: 98 CRI (typical)
3000K: 96 CRI (typical)
4000K: 95 CRI (typical)
5700K: 91 CRI (typical)

Power consumption

1.6W per fitting


3.2v (nominal) @ 500mA

Lumens per Watt

2700K: 46lm/W
3000K: 51lm/W
4000K: 54lm/W
5700K: 73lm/W

Constant current driver options

No dimming
0-10V dimming
Local potentiometer dimming
Remote potentiometer dimming


Choice of 7°, 9.5°, or 21°

LED life

50,000 hours

Material & finish

Polished brass

The S2 & S4 Gallery Spotlights

The UFO brass Gallery S2 LED light fitting is a small high output, high CRI spot light with an outreach arm. The S4 is the same, however it clamps directly onto the gallery rail.

This range of high performance fittings features an aesthetically designed brass body, complete articulation and integrated dimming control. The light fittings clamp onto and derive power from the brass Powered Gallery Rail providing the ultimate in positioning flexibility to the Gallery system.

The spotlight heads are tiltable through 90° and the outreach arm and clamp can also be rotated through 180°. The outreach arm is pluggable providing the ultimate in installation flexibility. The complete light fitting can be moved along the brass Powered Gallery Rail and pointed exactly where desired. There is also a choice of lenses and end caps which offer a wide range of beam angles.

s2, s4 spotlight


Light source

Cree XP-L High Density LED

Colour temperatures & CRI

2700K: >90 CRI
3000K: >90 CRI
4000K: >80 CRI

LED Power

4.5W per fitting


1.4A @ 3.25V

Lumen Output

2700K: 300lm
3000K: 300lm
4000K: 340lm


Choice of 8.5° / 9.6° / 14° / 25° / 30° / 40°

LED life

50,000 hours

Material & finish

Polished brass

The Quality of Our Light

UFO have invested heavily in LED technology and our design team has ensured we use the best components possible to power the Caravaggio.

Colour Temperature

We offer 3 colour temperatures - 2700K, 3000K and 4000K - so the lighting colour can be closely matched to the environmental ambient lighting conditions.

Colour Rendition

All the LED arrays we use in the Caravaggio gallery picture light offer a colour rendition (CRI) of >95.

Colour Consistency

UFO and our LED array suppliers employ strict binning procedures to ensure that the colour consistency between individual LED modules is matched to the closest possible level.

Light Distribution

The internal spotlights which provide the illumination in the Caravaggio system can be specified with a range of 6 lens options, from the ultra-narrow 14° to the very wide 54°. This allows the light to be focussed exactly as required to illuminate your artwork in the best possible way.

With the addition of outreach arms and the UFO S2 and S4 spotlights, the Caravaggio truly is the most versatile solution for illuminating artworks available.

Energy Saving & Low Maintenance

The Caravaggio system is the environmentally friendly way to illuminate your artworks. An LED picture light typically uses around 10% of the energy of a traditional incandescent lamp.

The LED modules in our picture lighting system have a typical life expectancy of over 50,000 hours - that equals over 17 years if they are powered on for 8 hours a day. A typical incandescent lamp as used in a picture light typically lasts for only around 1000 hours - leading to costly and potentially hazardous maintenance procedures needing to be carried out.

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