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Chseshire Wellness

Neston, UK

Cheshire Wellness UK, or Cheshire Spas & Pools as they are more commonly known, design and build award winning, innovative spas, swimming pools and heat experience rooms for commercial and private clients throughout Europe, USA, Middle East and South America.
They offer a complete in-house service from initial concept right through to manufacturing. An installation service is also available for commercial and residential swimming pools, hydro spas, Hammam tables and all types of heat experience rooms from saunas to snow rooms.
Cheshire Spa & Pools were chosen to build a sauna and spa within the private residence that appears in this project. Whilst designing the luxury suite they decided to incorporate mood-enhancing lighting and specified our fibre optic products for the job, due to the fact that they don't emit any scalding heat and elements containing electricity can be kept a safe distance away from the wet and humid areas.
In the spa area our star effect lighting adorns the ceiling creating a 'near and far' effect thanks to the mixed diameter fibre that has been used. Once the fibre has been fed through the ceiling a small conical end fitting, known as a star point, is attached to each individual tail to give the lighting a slightly softer look - ideal for areas of relaxation. A metal halide light source is used to power the fibre optics and creates the twinkling effect.
Over in the sauna, a stainless steel channel containing 106 tails of fibre has been installed in the underside of the wooden bench and projects scallops of colour-changing light onto the floor below. As with the star ceiling, a metal halide light source has also been used to power the lighting in the sauna, and is housed in an easily accessible location more than two metres away.


Decorative, Wet Area Lighting


Cheshire Spa & Pools

 Products used

Light Sources: Star Ceiling - 1 x Compact DMX 150W metal halide. Steam Room - 1 x Compact DMX 150W metal halide.
Harnesses: Star Ceiling - 306 tails of sheathed PMMA mixed diameter fibre. Steam Room - 106 tails of 2mm sheathed end lit glass fibre
End Fittings: Star Ceiling - 306 UFO star points. Steam Room - 1 x resined stainless steel channel

 Date completed

November 2012

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