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Sirius Decorative LED Light Source

Technical Specifications

Port Connector

30mm diameter

Fibre Type

Glass / PMMA

Supply voltage

110-240 VAC, 47-63Hz

Power Supply

External 24V DC,3.5A

LED power

up to 90W

Unit power


LED type

White light

Colour temperature / Typical CRI

5500K - 75CRI / 5300K - 88CRI / 4000K - 82CRI / 3000K - 83CRI

Colour temperature / Typical Lumen Output

5500K - 5700lm / 5300K - 4650lm / 4000K - 5300lm / 3000K - 4650lm

LED Lifespan

50,000 hours in ambient 25°C

Control / Effects

Colour or twinkle wheel + dimming with DMX, 0-10V and manual control

Enclosure material / colour

Aluminium, powdercoated dark grey


(L)278mm x (W)155mm x (H)128mm



A very powerful yet efficient fibre optic light source, powered by LED technology, which incorporates decorative effects.

Extremely high power output makes this light source suitable for multiple lighting tasks where traditionally metal halide units have been employed. Almost silent in operation, the Sirius outputs light which is similar to that of a 150W metal halide lamp.

A choice of either a 6 colour colourwheel or a twinkle effect wheel can also be installed, and this offers the same control options as the dimming effects; manual, 0-10V or DMX.

The Sirius has an inbuilt manual dimmer and dimming is also controllable via either DMX or 0-10V.

With a standard 30mm fibre port connector, this light source is equally suited to new projects or for retro-fitting to existing fibre optic installations.

Why choose LED over other light source types?

Our range of LED light sources use the latest technology to provide bright light output combined with small unit size and very cool and quiet running.

LED modules have a much longer lifespan than their tungsten halogen or metal halide equivalents which reduces maintenance costs to almost nil. Power consumption is also vastly reduced in comparison to older lamp technologies making them the most environmentally friendly and sustainable option for fibre illumination.

LED Cost & Energy Savings Calculator

You can use our cost calculator below to get an idea of the running cost and energy savings between the Sirius LED light source and its direct metal halide equivalent, the 150W Compact.

We are sure you'll agree that the LED unit offers significant benefits both for your pocket and more importantly for the future of the planet!


Use the 2 sliders to adjust the number of hours per day that the light source will be switched on for and your cost in pence per kWh of electricity.

The values in the table below will update in real time to show you the cost and emissions savings that an LED light source can provide.




Light Source Mains Watts Lamp Life (hours) Electricity Consumption (kWh per day) Running Cost
(£ per year)
Cost Savings (£ per Year) Cost Savings LED Life (£) CO2 Emissons (kg per year)
Compact 166.4 9000 2.02 102.19 N/A N/A 386.79
Sirius 92.2 50000 1.11 56.15 46.04 525.57 212.54

This calculator is supplied for information purposes only. Actual savings & emissions may vary depending on your specific circumstances.

CO2 emission data taken from UK Defra website. Accurate cost (pence per kWh) is available from your electricity supplier. Average cost of 13.86p per kWh taken from the UK Energy Saving Trust website.

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