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Cabinet Lighting Kit with Fibre Optic Articulated Trumpet

Kit Overview

The new cabinet lighting kits from UFO. Cost effective self install fibre optic lighting systems for display illumination.

The kits include a powerful DMX compatible light source with manual dimming control via a rear knob and a choice of 2 colour temperatures; both featuring a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 90.

Fittings included are easy to install - just drill a 40mm diameter hole and fit them into place - and are fully articulated allowing the clean, crisp white light to be directed to exactly where it’s needed.

A choice of fibre harness types; glass or PMMA complete the kit specifications. Both offer great light output and are a suitable choice for display lighting systems.

Kit Contents

Gemini Light Source

A slimline light source with a High Colour Rendering Index, making it very suitable for display case illumination.

Powerful light output combined with a very high colour rendering index of >90, as well as cool and near silent operation make this unit the obvious choice when using fibre optics to illuminate exhibits in museum and gallery display cases.

With a 50,000 hour lamp life, using this light source means that costly and time consuming maintenance costs are reduced to almost nil.

gemini light source for fibre optic illumination
gemini light source for fibre optic illumination

Technical Specifications

Port Connector

30mm diameter

Fibre Type

Glass / PMMA

Supply voltage

110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.12A

Power Supply

External 12V DC, 2A

LED power


LED type

White light LED

Colour temperature / CRI

3000K or 4000K / >93CRI

Luminous efficay

69 lm/W (typical)

LED Lifespan

50,000 hours in ambient 25°C


Manually operated dimmer control - 0 to 100%

Enclosure material / colour

ABS, light grey


(L)222mm x (W)114mm x (H)81mm

UFO 10D Articulated Downlight with Trumpet

An adjustable downlight fitting with trumpet, secured through the mounting surface with spring clips.

Available in either black or white, this fitting can be rotated and tilted to point directly at any objects to be illuminated. The light beam from this fitting is also focusable.

Also suitable for mounting in the base of a display case and illuminating upwards.

Kits are available with a choive of 6, 8, 10 or 12 fittings.

ufo 11d articulated recessed fitting

Technical Specifications


26mm clear focusing lens

Focus range

25° - 45°





Available colours

Black or white

Mounting method

Recessed, secured by springs

Mounting hole size


Ferrule size


Glass or PMMA Harness Options

We can supply these kits with a choice of either glass or PMMA fibre for the ultimate flexibility. All tail lengths are 2.5 metres.

Both harness types offer great light output. PMMA fibre is a more cost effective option, however for unparalleled light output and the best colour rendition, UFO glass fibre harness will show your displayed objects in their best possible light.

Both types of fibre measure 4mm active diameter and come with tails that are terminated with polished ferrules for attaching to the 11D fittings, and a polished common end to plug into the light source.

fibre optic harness

Ordering Codes

End Fittings Fibre Optic Tails Colour Temp Fibre Type Order Code (with White Fittings) Order Code (with Black Fittings)
6 x UFO 10D 6 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] PMMA CD10-6W-3000-P CD10-6B-3000-P
8 x UFO 10D 8 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] PMMA CD10-8W-3000-P CD10-8B-3000-P
10 x UFO 10D 10 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] PMMA CD10-10W-3000-P CD10-10B-3000-P
12 x UFO 10D 12 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] PMMA CD10-12W-3000-P CD10-12B-3000-P
6 x UFO 10D 6 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] Glass CD10-6W-3000-G CD10-6B-3000-G
8 x UFO 10D 8 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] Glass CD10-8W-3000-G CD10-8B-3000-G
10 x UFO 10D 10 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] Glass CD10-10W-3000-G CD10-10B-3000-G
12 x UFO 10D 12 x tails at 2.5m length 3000K[1] Glass CD10-12W-3000-G CD10-12B-3000-G
[1] Standard colour temperature is 3000K. If 4000K is required amend the order code to state 4000 instead of 3000.