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CP Hart Luxury Bathroom Showroom

London, UK

During 2015 the award-winning luxury bathroom retailer conducted a major overhaul of its Waterloo showroom, almost doubling the size of its premises and transforming the space into a stylish haven where the architect and design community can take inspiration from the latest products and samples.
Specialist lighting design practice Studio Fractal, were tasked with designing the large fibre optic and LED lighting features that occupy the reception area to the front of the showroom and coffee bar to the rear, and approached UFO to carry out the manufacturing and installation of the bespoke pieces.
On entering the showroom customers pass below the impressive copper chandelier which measures 4500mm in diameter and contains both UFO fibre optics and LED lights. Protruding from the mirror polished stainless steel base are two hundred pieces of copper pipe which vary in length and contain our fibre optic lights. Four of our 90w Sirius LED light sources are used to power the fibre optics and give the light its atmospheric twinkling white glow, while fifty of our LD2 LED downlights are set into the base of the chandelier and provide functional lighting onto the floor below.
Situated above the coffee bar at the rear of the showroom is the large eye-catching copper maze which we custom made to perfectly fit the building's exposed brick archways. Spanning more than 7500mm wide the structure comprises of three layers of support frames and more than sixty copper pipes which were manipulated into shape before sixty custom lamp holders and LED eco filaments were applied. Due to the sheer size of the structure it was transported in multiple sections and constructed on site by our installation team.
Images courtesy of James Newton Photographs


Commercial, Decorative Lighting


Studio Fractal

 Copper Chandelier

Light Sources: 4 x Sirius 90w LED light sources with twinkle wheel
Harnesses: 4 x 50 tail fibre harnesses with 3mm active diameter PMMA fibre & 30mm polished common ends
End Fittings: 50 x UFO LD2 LED downlights, 5x LED drivers and 5x splitter junction boxes

 Copper Maze

3 x bespoke support frames
60 x bespoke copper pipes with LED filaments
60 x Urban Cottage large globe eco-filament light bulbs with E27 screw
60 x Custom copper E27 lamp holders

 Date completed


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