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Vino Wines

Edinburgh, UK

UFO designed and manufactured a series of bespoke copper pendant light fittings for Vino Wines' newest retail store in Edinburgh. Aptly named 'The Arches' after its residence in one of the renovated Victorian archways that lies below street level in the city's Old Town, the trendy wine store and café bar features a utilitarian feel throughout.
When designing the lighting scheme for The Arches we wanted the fittings to complement the C-listed building's style, playing on the rugged history of the exposed brickwork and angular structure that dates back to 1875.
We opt for two slightly different styles of pendant fittings: the first we custom made to extend out over the store's robust wooden shelving units illuminating the vast selection of wine on display below, whilst the second set of fittings mirror the curve of the large vaulted ceiling providing ambient lighting onto the bar area below.
Each fitting was fabricated from 15mm diameter copper pipe and fitted with warm white colour LED spotlights. A UFO light source with personalised gobo template was also installed in the store and used to project the Vino Wines logo onto the rear wall.
Images courtesy of Vino Wines


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Vino Wines

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All lights manufactured from copper with LED lamps

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